Need Advice on a Gaming headset

I have never used a gaming headset and am unsure what brand to get. I have heard good things about the Plantronics gamecon 780. I am looking for something with great sound and comfortable enough to where for long gaming sessions. Also at a decent price (somewhere around $100). Any advice would be appreciated. 

Logan did a great review for the Diablo 3 Headset by Steelseries

Those are going for about $120 right now, a good choice if you're willing to spend more.

The only ones I can recommend from personal experience are the Razer Kraken Pro, I picked them up for $79. The ear cushions are the most comfortable I've worn in the price range and the mic is clear as I could ever want it. Now you may not want to get the neon green set like I did but they do make it in black with green accents.