Need Advice for my gaming pc Build

Im wanna build a pc that can stream world of warcraft 720p on twitch tv (xsplit or OBS)

my budget is tight because price at my country is high although my country make the procesor (malaysia)

cpu- amd 8320

motherboard- msi 970a-g43 am3+

gpu- msi vga card n650 dual fan 1gig ddr3

ram - kingston 8g 1600mhz  x1

power supply - corsair vs 550w

casing - xfive casing atx rtx c-2

heatsink - cooler master hyper 212 evo

budget in RM= Rm1900 in us Dollar u divide by 3 


pliss help me!!

Drop the cpu down a vew notches and up the gpu to something half decent yeah. 7870 or gtx660 or thereabouts. A 1gb 650 just wont cut it.

Also i get a dual channel RAM kit, it wont help much with games but should help a bit with general memory hungry apps (increases bandwidth)