Need advice asap, should i upgrade my cpu?

right now im using a ryzen 5 2600 and a rtx 2070 and a b450 tomahawk motherboard. i want to do some future proofing, and i can get a killer deal on a new ryzen 7 2700x, will i notice a difference? should i upgrade? thanks everyone.

right now im using a ryzen 5 2600 and a rtx 2070 and a b450 tomahawk motherboard. i want to do some future proofing, and i can get a killer deal on a new ryzen 7 2700x, will i notice a difference? should i upgrade? thanks everyone.

Gaming - no…
Productivity - maybe a little, but it’s not really worth it.
Heavy use - think about 3700X…


Id wait for Zen 2+ or zen 3 (whichever comes out first). your cpu is already a beast for what it is and I was planning to upgrade to that tbh.

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ya, i have the 2600 overclocked to 4.3 ghz 1.4v stable aio cooler corsair. ram is ddr4 3000 mhz overclocked to 3200 mhz 1.4v stable. corsair vengeance rgb pro.

what do you think?

Keep the 2600 and wait for next gen. Don’t upgrade until you find the performance lacking, the 2600 will keep you gaming for a couple of years.

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Don’t. “Future proofing” (especially if you already have a working system handling the workload) is generally bullshit.

Your board is good to go for Ryzen 3000 and maybe 4000 when that drops. Upgrade the CPU if and when you need it, not before. All you’re doing upgrading CPU now if you don’t need it is pissing money away on stuff that will be much cheaper in the future when you actually need it. CPU price to performance isn’t likely to go backwards any time soon.

For the majority of stuff, you probably won’t notice much difference going to a 2700x - unless you do stuff that uses a lot of cores. If you DO do stuff that is core count bound (e.g., VM lab or such), then you’ll notice a difference. But otherwise…

In other words - work out if you will see an improvement (and how much) in the things you do TODAY. Then weigh up whether or not that improvement is worth the cost.

e.g., is shaving say 25% off your rendering time on final render of video projects that you might do say once a month (as a hypothetical example) for a 10 minute video render (e.g., shaving 2.5 minutes once a month) worth $X? If not… don’t go there.

ok thanks

Seems like you started a new topic about the same question you had earlier.
That topic got locked, so i deleted that one.

Should you upgrade your cpu, kinda depends on your workloads.
According to your previous topic i would not advice to upgrade to a 2700X,
with your particular motherboard.
Although it will work fine, however if you have overclocking plan’s,
Then the 2700X is not a great cpu for your particular board.
Because the 2700X is a pretty power hungry cpu.

I would rather pick a 3700X then, which will need a bios update to work on your board.
But the 7nm chips are doing a bit better when it comes to current draw.

ya the 3700x is also a option its another 120 dollars or so but it is a option. so you think i should bypass the 2700x all together and just pay the extra money for the 3700x? or just stick with my 2600? i do have my 2600 overclocked to 4.3 ghz on all cores 1.4v stable.

Well yeah there is also a 3700X is a bit more expensive.
So depending on your particular workloads, it might or might not be worth it.
The 2700X is of course also not a bad option either,
but when it comes to gaming in particular you will likely not see much of an improvement,
over your current 2600X at 4.3Ghz at all.

The 3000 series cpu’s have better per core performance in general,
and are also better on the memory controller less latency.
So yeah if you still want to spend money towards an upgrade,
then i would personally skip the 2700X, but go for a 3700X.

You can overclock the 3700X a little bit as well.
And it won’t be as powerhungry as a 2700X.
A 3700 (X) overclocked will do like a 110A ish current draw,
on which a 2700X overclocked can easily hit the 130A + mark.
And given the fact that the vrm of your particular B450 Tomahawk isn’t,
the most decent one out there.
I would then highly recommend to pick a 3700X.
Because those 7nm 3000 series cpu’s are simply more efficient.

there is not a 3700 cpu, there is only the 3700x

Oh wait you are right sorry.
I was kinda expecting them release one.
But they didnt my bad. :slight_smile:

the 2700x is going for 200 dollars new and the 3700x is going for 330 new.

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thats a 130 dollar difference.

Yup i know, i edited my post above, because i was confused lol.

Well yeah it kinda depends on your workloads like i mentioned above.
In terms of gaming the 2700X won’t gain your really much of anything.
But when it comes to rendering it might help some.
But again this depends on which scale you do your rendering work.

Because of the 7nm process and the improvement on the memory controller,
a 3600X seems to be almost as fast as a 2700X in certain workloads,
and given that with 2 cores less.
So yeah that is something to keep in mind here.

Also the power story still counts for the 3700X as well. 110A ish current draw at its full potential.
On which a 2700X can easily go over 130A, that with less performance.
And will also produce more heat and stress on the vrm.

So yeah honestly although the 2700X is at a really tempting price spot at the moment.
I personally don’t think that it would really be a great buy anymore.
Unless you really do allot of rendering work on an application that scales well with cores.

ok, if i can swing the cash, ill get the 3700x. seems to be the best choice. thanks for your input.

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Yeah or you just hold on to your current setup.
And wait till next year when the new Threadripper stuff might come out.
If you do rendering work on a more professional scale.
Then something like that might be more interesting to you.
Of course TR will be allot more expensive then what you currently have.
But if time is trully money in rendering tasks, then yeah.

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