Need a YouTube downloader to download 2+ hour videos (sometimes to .mp3)

Hey all,

I'm after a decent YouTube downloader for long videos.
Most of these are for long tutorial or discussion videos such as.

Some of these I want to save as a video, some are really just audio.

I'm going to be moving soon and will be without Internet for a while and would like to download as much stuff as possible while I can so I can keep watching/listening to these kind of things while I work.

lately I've been using clipconverter, but I believe it has its limits when it comes to length.

Freeware/open-source is preferred (on Windows), however if it's an exceptionally good program I'm happy to pay if the price is right.

Cheers. :)


  1. paste link
  2. run the java application
  3. Click the download on the right side of the bar you pasted the link
  4. select file format and size you want (limited by the youtube upload) and presto!  or

  • Same process as above but it will only be in mp3. Not of high-quality though. Highest I've ever seen is 256kbps, mostly 128 though 

i use this program it works really well, all you have to do is paste the link to the video, choose the download format, and click download and your done. as far as i know there is no size limit. only downside is to download multiple videos you have to open multiple instances of the utility.

I use YTD downloader it allows you to download long videos I've downloaded 1 hour before but I'm not quite sure for 2 hours, It can convert it to MP3 and delete the original video file after its done converting it can convert other videos to MP3

It can do these bellow plus Youtube.

  • College Humor
  • Bing
  • Daily Motion
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • +50 others

Its not free though for pro..(I got it through other sources) *cought*thepiratebay*cough*

So its really great the. The converter is great too.

it even has a java script as a bookmark for your browser for convenience.

no restrictions...


I use this python script. It's incredibly useful. Highly recommend it. 

just put "pwn" in the url before youtube, you can choose video or mp3 downloads. ([whatever])

Was going to point out this one. It is actually only linking to services, but the tends to work well

Whatever you do don't use TheBirdMan2012's link. It wrecks your browser and even if you un tick all the bloat ware it hijacks your browser and will constantly open new windows full of adverts.

I'll remove it if there is proof. Add some and it'll be removed.

But we don't want to censor if it's good.

Users be wary

His post works fine, the cnet "down loader," as they put it, just requires you to carefully walk through it in order to avoid downloading bloatware.

You can actually use VLC media player for this by:

Click Media > Click Network stream > Copy paste link into box > Alt + C > Select a folder > Select output encoding > Click start.

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I cant really give proof. I just downloaded it thinking it was cool because it was cnet but after going through the set up and all my chrome kept opening loads of random windows to advertisements and I just assume it was that program. Fixed now, uninstalled chrome and re installed and my Microsoft security essentials reports 4 pieces of malware now on my computer.



lol all anti virus sucks. the best anti-virus is common sense.

are you sure it's alt C i can't get that to work

it would seems it's alt+O instead

I have used this for downloading shorter videos, works well but ymmv with long ones I guess.

I then converted to mp3 using LAME in foobar, was a good way to get some wedding songs that were hard to find or weird versions.

You're right I tried the cnet program and it put a bunch of icons on my desktop like a link to free games and a link to amazon. Now I gotta uninstall a bunch of stuff.


great all around downloader. it allows you to pause your downloads and recognizes youtube playlists automatically so you can add all of the videos in a nice queue. it also lets you choose at which resolution you want the video and in what format. you can also just download the mp3.

i've been using it for a while and i'm pretty happy with how it works.

I usually use a professional downloader. Very like it. Here is a help document about how to use this Converter.