Need a suggestion for FPS game

I need an FPS game multiplayer that I can run my own server. Realism in environment and weapons would be a plus.

TY in advanced

An older Battlefield game? like Battlefield 1942, won't be to hard to host and it's a pretty fun game

Insurgency is a fun game. It's both realistic in environment and weapons.

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Insurgency, but if you really want a competitive FPS, CSGO is the game you are looking for.

There is competitive in Insurgency. It's 5v5.
CS:GO is not realistic. Just popular.


If you wanted to diverge from FPS a little bit Natural Selection 2 is a good choice, has FPS elements (especially if you're playing a marine where it actually first person and guns). realism isn't really a thing in it but if you have any friends who are into strategy games it's great.

My vote would be for Insurgency...

Thank you everyone for the suggestions.

Have you tried insurgency?

edit: +1 for insurgency

What about old skool Desert Combat mod for BF1942

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