Need a suggestion for a motherboard

Hi I am somewhat new to the technology because I am still a senior in high school, but I am looking to buid my first computer and all of this is just a little overwhelming no matter how much I look at. I am wandering if anyone would know of a motherboard that would have the features that I am looking for.

support bluetooth

support wireless internet 

run a cpu like the intel i-5

have an hdmi and at least 2 usb ports

be able to have 8 or more GB of ram

Those are in the orderthat are most top to least important bottom. I'm not lazy at all beacuse I am still looking for the right on, but I like I said all of this information for me right now is a ittle much. price is not somewhat of an option because when school starts up I am taking a computer course on how to make them so I have plenty of time to save up money. Thank you for your time.

Like the Intel i5; which i5? There are 3 sockets with i5s.

2500(k) (i think that there is a k not sure if there are multiple 2500's) because that is the one I am getting the most feedback from for being mainly a good gaming cpu but also able to manage a workload for school.


for right now $1200 to $1500. a litte stretch and like I said I will not be getting the parts right a away so there may be new motherboards come out but if there is a promising line of motherboards that is out from any brand now woud work too.

There won't be any new P67 or Z77 boards coming out, really ever. The 2500k has all of the motherboard options available that it will ever have.

so the P67 or Z77 are the best boards you think for me then?


Right now I am leaning towards the Asus Sabertooth Z77.

At that price, definitely go for the Z77 Mpower. Much, much better overclocking features than the Sabertooth, better looks, in my honest opinion, and a higher build-quality all around. The hand-tested overclocknig is a nice touch, as well.

The Z77 Mpower does look pretty good. The only thing I do not see is if it has support for wifi and bluetooth.

The Msi Z77 Mpower is the board to get!

and yes it has Wlan and bluetooth onboard

Grtz Angel ☺

I have done more research on the board and it has everything I wanted and more for more than a good price . The only concern I see with it is that there is a trend that after 5-6 months the board suddenly stops working, so that is a little scary for me becasue like i said this wil be my first build. so I will still be looking around but if I dont see a board with anything close to these features then I will defenatly go with this board.

The people who write reviews either got a bad product, or had a fantastic experience. What you don't see are the thousands and thousands of people who got it, and it worked just fine. If it does fail, MSI will RMA it.

ok thanks again for the help. Any advise on video card or anything like that or if there is a better i5 cpu model than the 2500k or anything for me?