Need a roughly $1000 build for animation, graphic design and video editing

Budget: Around $1000, I can go over by 100 or so if its well worth it

I have no idea how I should format this for you wonderful people, I'm hoping the video logan was hinting at will give me some idea for this sort of thing, but for now I'm posting here.

I live in Canada and I usually use ncix for stuff

I only need the tower itself, I will upgrade to better peripherals later on.

I will be using it for these things (in order of how much I do them):

  • Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign)
  • Video Editing (After effects mostly, not too much actual cutting clips and such but that will be done in premiere pro if I do)
  • Light 2D and 3D animation (2D in after effects, nothing intense. Very little 3D, but I use Blender)
  • Web Design and App development (nothing crazy)

This will be my second build (last was about a year ago) and I think I may eventually want to make this one pretty cool, I don't wanna be very boring here. I may eventually think of doing a custom loop but not with my budget right now. So yes I do plan on overclocking, maybe not anything crazy currently though. Overclocking for efficiency, not for fun (most of the time).

I also think I am set on a smaller form factor, maybe not itx, but something a bit smaller (coming from a Corsair C70 owner)

Now here is my big question, do I got big on the cpu or gpu? With all this gpu acceleration finally being utilized I'm not quite sure! Should I go 2011?

I tried to do something on pc part picker but apparently they don't have too much new stuff yet

I also already own windows 8, which is what I would be using most likely, switching from OS X, unless I can build something decent that can also hackintosh but I think I should move on anyway

Also I would love to be able to use an SSD

Was thinking: Bitfenix Prodigy M, a lot of ram, yeah that is pretty much all I've thought of as I don't now what route to go for the cpu and gpu

any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!


These should do: