Need a reccomendation on a printer

Looking for a printer where I can refill the ink myself (refill the cartridge rather than buying a new one) that is reliable.My current is an HP all in one and complains when I refill the cartridge.

Would like Wifi-enabled. Don’t need scanning capability but would be nice.

Don’t mind buying used if nothing like this exists anymore.

I recommend the Epson Workforce line. They have what they call “Eco-Tank” which is the “add your own ink to the reservoir tank” style printer. Pretty reasonable price and no Lexmark-like lock in.


We’ve had an Epson ET-3700 for a year and a half now. It replaced a HP Color LaserJet. The EcoTank is great — extremely economical to operate. Hasn’t missed a beat. Highly recommended.

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Laser is better unless you need inkjet for some reason, because it doesnt dry out / get used to clean the heads (not sure how often you actually print)


Brother laser printer seems to have what you need. I am using a DCP-2550DW. Its just a regular black and white printer with scan functionality. Its more of the small office kind of printer (which seems sturdier built vs the regular consumer kind).

The problem with the ecotank type is that the ink jams with a simple air bubble in the tubing if you leave it to a certain low level.

As long as it’s not an HP :smile:

But yes, I can recommend Epson Workforce as well. A relative has one (not using eco-tank though) and he’s not using it very often but he says it starts printing right away without any cleaning after having been turned off for days or even weeks and the results are always great nonetheless. I am not sure which model he has but it has a separate printing head and head-less cartridges for each color that slot into it.

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