Need a portable-ish motherboard

I'm making a build with the AMD 8320 which is an am3+.  My requirements for the board are smaller than atx and able to support 1866 mhz RAM.  I'm not going to crossfire or overclock with this board if that helps.  Thanks!

there is no 990 chipset itx boards avalible anywhere

I'm aware. How about micro atx?

No mATX boards with 990FX, either. There are mATX with some strange chipsets, like 760, and I think MSI might have an mATX 970 board, but the selection is limited.

there are am3+ Matx but generaly are not all that suited to the fx cpu's and have prior generation chipsets  and most dont even have vreg heatsinks.

just depends on what you will be using it for

So basically I have to get atx?

if you want the full functionality of a 990 fx chipset then yeah pretty much,

i ran into this problem when building and the power delivery and lack of cooling on most of the the matx boards just drove me away

wenn you want to go with amd FX then yes you need to go for  ATX.

The reason for it is simple, a FX8320/8350 also the FX8120 and 8150 are very power hungry cpu´s. on a m-atx mobo you are very limited with space, so its to hard to build a decent Powerphase onto a m-atx board,  to transport the power from the vrm´s to the cpu.also very limited in space for  feutures.

if you want a mini itx  build then go with intel, i5-3570K or i7-3770K with Asus p8Z77-i delux mini itx board. this board has a full vreg, 8+2 power phase. or look on the hasswell platform..

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