Need a new wireless adapter for £20 [UK]



i need a new adapter with at least 300mbps N

usb or pci/pci-e


any recommendations?

would this be good?

so this would be fine for gaming???

I bought 1 of these for a media player and it streams so fast it uses the realtek chip set £8.27 including P&P

Best would be TP-Link 722N + a 8dBi high gain antenna. It's not rated 300Mb, but signal is so stable that you never drop under 140Mb.

That is plenty if you plan on gaming. For file transfer, nothing beats a good old cable though.

PCI or PCIe cards usually have better range and are able to manage higher speeds. So pick one of thise, my preferred brand is TP-LINK. If you do choose to get an USB adapter anyways, get the biggest one you can find, they usually have better antenna's.

Except that USB 2.0 is able to do a lot more than 300Mbps, so the actual speed won't be affected by the interface. It is WiFi after all...


And some are coming out for USB 3.0