Need a new survival fix!

I need some serious help!

I love survival games and recently been hooked on This War Of Mine, amazing game!! It's got base building, simple yet effective mechanics, crafting(I love crafting), but the 2 things I love most are that it's actually hard to survive at times and the combat is brilliant! that is to say it sucks and is clunky as hell, but it's highly effective at getting the point across that you're a civilian, not some action hero. You see 2 guys, with guns, you shit yourself... so your main weapon is stealth.

All that being said, I was wondering whether anyone might be willing to help me out, I need something new now, something roughly similar. My survival addiction started with Notrium (still one of my all time favorite games).

So please, anyone?!?! I need my survival games to survive...

Check out The Long Dark :)