Need a new surround sound headset

Hey all,

My current headset is a 5.1 surround sound headset, but the speakers are getting cut off due to some loose wires... sometimes it gets dropped off the table.. what?

Anyway, I need a new one. Here is my requirements, please give me your suggestions.

  • 3-4 speakers plus subwoofer in each ear
  • usb or 3.5mm jack is fine
  • nothing crazy expensive. Something close to $100 is good

Thanks for any suggestion!

plantronics gamescomm 780 has good reviews its 60$ at newegg. It's usb input I'm not sure how many speakers or if theirs a sub in each ear. dolby digital 7.1

I think the 780 is only stereo though (2 speakers). It is virtual surround sound. After haveing true 5.1 speakers in the headset, its hard to go back. Thanks for the reply though.

I reccommend reading this because as brunt as it is it's informative to say the least. 




That being said let me elaborate, The audio positioning in true surround sound headsets from what i've read is pretty good but aside from that they sound terrible. I do urge you to check out this guide that has some pretty good reviews on headset that will be up your alley.


 edit: Here's another guide more geared towards gaming.


Well, who ever originally posted that is exagerating quite a bit. I have had headsets of all kinds. Virtual surround sound doesnt work for me because I can tell which speaker is activating the noise.. It is especially useful for games like black ops with the alertness perk. I do have perfectly good 2.1 entertainment speakers for the rest of the time.

Now... He is correct about having shitty drivers at times, but thats why there is software to raise and lower the volume in individual speaks if they are out of sync.. which hasn't been an issue on my last two surround headsets.

Lastly. desktop mics dont do much if you live with other people and you dont want all the sound from your small apartment going into the mic.

to conclude.. this guy took some true, but minor points off the deepend.. and is an idiot.

But thanks for the links, and I heed the warning.

The best headsets I found were not the run of the mill "gaming headsets" but rather entertainment headsets that have a mic attached. I had a nice turtle beach 5.1 headset which was analog audio with USB power for the speaker. Right now I have a ganawave (korean company) product that has a bit of the driver problem because they are USB only, but not that bad at all. The key think is the audio direction. I used to play with stereo and virtual surround sound, and they simply fail for forward and backward direction. They blend the sound based on left and right direction, but weather they are infront or back doesnt matter.

I am not looking for the truest sound quality or best for listening to music.. I am only interested in sound direction and that the audio is atleast halfway decent. Obviously, I will look for the best possible sound.

$130ish range, If you could boost it to $200 it could be much better, but imo this will destroy any "gaming headset" now (exceptions to the gaming headsets are the beyerdynamic, sennheiser, qpad, and some select others all costing $200+)

I prefer virtual surround up conversion will extremely high quality headphones. Hearing every sound first is more important to me than where it is, especially if there is a compromise, there is no sacrifices in quality in that setup. Also with high quality headsets the ability to discern which speaker the sound comes from is usually lost in the symphony of pristine noised coming from the drivers, I personally use beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 80s and an earforce dss and I never focus on which speaker is making the noise, I hear where it comes from. The idea behind virtual surround is to create an illusion of a surround soundscape through changing the  stereo signal to trick the user into thinking a sound is coming from say, behind them. No wonder virtual surround doesnt work for you, if you try and tell which speaker made the noise instead of figuring out where the noise came from, it will never work. I encourage you to get this adapter and headphone+mic combo and try it with an open mind. If you still want an all in one surround heaset, here are some,


Yeah, I actualy own a pair of the plantronics 780's. The value for money is good if you don't have, or don't intend to get a souncard but the surround sound is virtual, and there are only 1 speakers per ear cup for a total of 2

Thanks for the input, I will check out your recommendations.

But I dont sit and try to figure out what speaker it comes from, It is just automatic. I can hear it from the direction. I had virtual surround before and the sound was smooth in trasition of where it was, but the direction wasnt clear.. Lots of this will be subjective. For me, I can clearly and automatically hear the direction of what I am listening for if the sound is really coming from that direction. With virtual surround sound there is simply only 2 speakers and all you can hear is left and right.

Rosewill RHTS-8206 Hands down.

I looked at the Corsair, but they are virtualized... and thats not really what I am looking for, but thanks.

The rosewill got a couple good reviews... my only concern is that they will be too small for my ears... I have larger ears.. but not too big.. I will have to see. Thanks. here is my video review of them

Thanks man, I looked for them here in south korea, but Rosewell isnt available... I ended up getting these:

(you can translate the page with google pretty well)

They were $80 and work very well for directional sound. The sound is a bit tinny, but with some tweaking on the equalizer I got them to sound pretty good.

Thanks for all the input. The corsair true 5.1 headset was just too expensive.

I use a Rokat Kave its a good effect, bass/vibration a little much after a while but you can turn down. After 3hrs + its get a bit heavy and uncomforable..Would I buy again...maybe but not without looking around at other options that are more confortable