Need a new PSU!

I recently bought a new pc not long ago and within a week the psu broke.. thankfully the warranty covered it however i'm certain it will happen again so i would like to know a good psu for gaming that will last.. wasn't expecting this to happen so i only have around £80 availible, i was thinking the xfx 850w core edition?

You don't need 850W, is my guess. What are you powering?

No what i need is 750w however i would preffer 850 for any possible future upgrades.. 

I still highly doubt that you need 750W; what system are you going to be powering with it?

My bet is that you would be fine with 550W. That covers most rigs.

Nothing overclocked (don't know if that matters i'm useless with computers)

cpu: amd fx 8350

gpu: HD radeon 7790 1gb

Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M USB3

RAM : corsair vengeance 16gb 1600mhz

1tb sata harddrive 



You'd be fine with 400W, man. Get a Rosewill Capstone 450, 450M, Seasonic G550, or even a Lepa G650.

Oh, ok thanks, I was using that asus psu calculator thing and it came up with 600w, don't know how reliable that is tho. Will that list of psu's be long lasting?? i really don't want to be in the same situation that i just faced again. Thanks for the help too :) 

I have a Rosewill HIVE-650 and I would totally recommend it.  They also make 550W and 750W versions.  My 650W was about $80 US on Newegg.  And like the other guys were saying, you don't need anywhere near 750W of power.  Anyways, the HIVE series by Rosewill is really nice.  Check it out.

All of them are great options :)

Ok thanks :) do you have any idea why my 750w psu died on me after a week?? does that meen it was just faulty?? as by the sounds of it my pc should of been easy to handle for the psu? 

You could have just been unlucky and got a bad one, or it could just be a piece of crap to begin with.  What power supply was it (make, model, etc.)?

Wattage means nothing in terms of quality. You either had a really nice unit that was faulty, or a shitty unit that was just shitty.

What WAS your PSU anyway?

Just thought of something else.  Try using this tool:

It will help you find about how much power you need to run your system.

Correction, it will over-estimate what you need to power your system ;)

750w tesla psu.. £23.50 so i'm guessing it may just be shitty.. 

Fractal Design Tesla?

sorry again.. but i'm useless with this kinda stuff.. this is a link to it and it has some extra info.. again thanks for the help :D

Oh, yeah... Probably not a great PSU ;)

I can't even find a review of it!