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Need A new PC...looking for advice on part list



Don’t. It has a backlight alignment issue where all the edge pixels when your viewing position is dead center don’t get fully lit. This is common with LG budget 4K TVs too.

You’re better off with the 32’’ VA panel model, the 32UD59-B.


thanks for the notice…my wife has that screen on her desk.
And your point is valid but if i can be honest it’s not that extreme in here use case.
for me it might be more of an issue as i like to put my terminals at the sides… but the screen is that big that you tend to centre everything your working on.
and keep the sides for reference tasks.
But you point is well taken… i will be looking at other options…
When i use (dutch site) and filter on 3840*2160 (4k)
and screen size between 34 and 42.51 inch i get the dell P4317Q and Iiyama ProLite X4071UHSU and HP+ ACER and a couple of Philips models.
But when i increase the filter to 46inchi get brands like ViewSonic VX4380-4k.
in short i’m not that sure what to buy. it all depends on the connection i’m going to need when the time comes… i’m more concerned with the GPU that’s going to run all this… it has to be AMD because i like the driver en opensource work they are facilitating…


I’m too lazy to read back, and I wake and bake so I’ll be confused about it anyways.

Have you looked at NUC’s? You can apparently get some really crazy shit going with them, with the record for dual 1080’s on passmark was held for a long long time on a NUC. Just use TB3 and a dock, but otherwise its tiny, out of the way, and damn capable.


$439.99 CDN for a Vega 56… it has begun. Must resist. Regular price is around $750.


Cheapest Vega 56 here is 300€


25% cheaper is not too bad.


Given that mining hand me downs would have likely been UNDER VOLTED for their entire life for efficiency, i wouldn’t be too concerned. The only real issue you might face is the fan (but again, likely not flat out due to the efficiency vs. power curve), but that can be fixed.


I grabbed a used Vega 56 yesterday (reference, XFX)… $380 CDN. Seems to be working okay so far…I wish it was not a reference cooler though. A GTX 1660Ti is around $380 here.