Need a new off contract Verizon phone

Hey dudes! My parents have Verizon (i'm 15) and I received an iPhone 4 last year to use. Well, that darn screen cracked and I'm on contract until December 2014. The phone is still usable but hard to read on. I need a cheap off contract smartphone no greater than $250. I never really bought much from the Apple app store or iTunes so it really doesn't matter if you recommend an iPhone. Honestly I kinda wanna switch from Apple. I was looking on eBay and saw a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $125 like-new condition. I also saw an HTC Window Phone 8X and one of my friends has windows phone and says its pretty good. I need opinions and recommendations on android (I really like the customization) WP8 (Snazzy OS) and maybe an iPhone 4S. I even saw the ZTE Open and it looked good enough to last me until I'm off contract though I cannot tell if it is Verizon compatible..... Please help

It would be easier and far cheaper to just replace the screen yourself, it doesn't take very long at all and the cost is only 20-30 dollars.


Just saying :-)

hmm. Well I really don't feel comfortable opening up an iPhone like that and plus, I freaking hate this phone. Ever since I downloaded IOS 7 it lags like crap and only 8gb of storage sooooo. Actually, I think my sister is upgrading her phone this Christmas so if she does, I can take her old iPhone. I still hate that ios 7 is so slow on iPhone 4.

Moto g (180$) or nexus 5 (350$)

Nexus 5 is not for Verizon (ikr). Moto g wont be out until jan.