Need A New Mouse And Keyboard

After weeks of struggling with my mouse's dying sensor I've decided to purchase a new one to replace it as well as a keyboard to replace my decade old keyboard.

I have a budget of ~$80 for both the mouse and keyboard.

The things I'm looking for in the mouse is a setting for 800 DPI and a palm grip design.  For the keyboard I would prefer a white or blue back light if possible.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.


For palm grip mouse I would recommend Logitech G400s.( )

Though that leaves you with ~$40 for a keyboard, and I personally can't recommend any non-mechanical keyboards (other than general advice to look for scissor switches instead of simple membrane).

I also strongly recommend getting a good mousepad though.

If your a heavy typer like me and can stand the 90s look, I would recommend a Model M. You can grab one on eBay for around 40 depending on the condition. 


whatever you do, don't get one of those compact keyboards where all of the keys are next to one another... get a proper sized one where the arrow keys are spaced away from the main letters and where you have proper page up/down and home/end keys.

Otherwise you won't be able to grab the keyboard and use it to move around the screen/applications/do whatever without looking at the keys.

So far I've found this mouse from Gigabyte.  Can anyone vouch for it's build quality/lifespan?

i would recommend the g100s.

It has a great sensor, 3 year warranty, and you can get it for $20.

downsides: it is probably a little smaller then you'd like, it has no side mouse buttons, while it can play at 800dpi, i think it performs best when using a dpi step that is a multiple of 250, preferably 1,000, which is what it natively runs at when you don't have Logitech's software running.

Thanks!  I'll be sure to check it out.