Need a new mid-level GPU

My current GPU just isn't pulling it's weight, I'm looking for something reliable but cost effective for gaming. Can anybody help?


^ That. I have one. Maybe even grab a 7870 XT if you can throw down an extra 20 bucks.

7870, get 2 free games, life is good. or if you're into F2P games you could get a 660 or the ti verison

I would say a 7870 if that fits your budget, as you haven't said anything about how much money you are willing to spend on it. Otherwise get a 7850 maybe, they should be pretty good for the price too. I have a MSI R7870 2D5/OC with the Twin Frozr 3 cooler and it's really awesome. Runs cool and quiet, and can run every game I try. Though maybe not at the max settings. Really like it overall.

I have a 7950 Twin Frozr and would recommend it.  It may be a bit out of your price range but to me its fantastic, it has a great cooler and a large overclock headroom.

6770 ? :D, quite cheap and ok for normal gaming, can't run newest games 1080p ultra but it is cheap. I use it for LoL

Thanks for all the suggestions I think I will end up going with the HIS IceQ 7870 GHz Edition.