Need a new laptop with linux support

Hey guys

I need to buy a new laptop and I am gonna run arch linux on it. I need it to be easy to carry, so 14 inch would be the maximum size. Budget can go up to 1500 euros but I'd rather stay in the 1200 range.

Macbooks are fine to me, but I don't know if they have a good linux support.

I was evaluating the Lenovo T460, or maybe the X260. I am also evaluating some dell latitude.

I really would like to be some "dock compatible", so it kinda needs to be an industrial solution. 1080p is a must for me.

Thanks in advice.

Have a look at Entroware, they are UK based and within your budget. Ubuntu or Ubuntu Mate comes pre-installed and everything is guarentied to work. You would need to get a USB 3.o port replicator for them though, I don't think they have proper docking stations.

I do have a Lenovo T420 with a dock etc. It's never had a problem with Linux (apart from audio out on the dock, which also didn't work properly with Windows out of the box) and has a lovely keyboard but I've not tried any of the newer models.

The business lineup of Lenovo, Dell and HP has usually good linux support.

I for my part have a Lenovo T450s as daily driver and it is ultimately rock solid (except fingerprint reader, and webcam which I never ever tested as they are deactivated in the UEFI).
I run linux on IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads of the W and T series since the T61 and it usually works fine.