Need a new keyboard

I currently have a terrible keyboard i just had in the house, so im gonna upgrade and get a new mechanical keyboard and i have it down to two choices. Either a ducky shine II DK9008 or a blackwidow ultimate. I don't know anyone with a ducky but used a black wodow and like but heard good things about ducky. Any input would help.

The Ducky is a much better keyboard. The Shine III is coming out soon, though, and has a lot more lighting options.

What is your budget? You might want to look into a Leopold.

Either of those keyboards is great, although I've heard that the Razer can have issues with sticking keys. In other words, you can press down the space bar which will also sometimes drag down the alt key next to it.

I'd probably go for the Ducky. Just keep in mind that it comes in a variety of different types of key switches, so make sure you're getting the switch you prefer.

my razer had sticky key issues but that took years of gaming to happen

and it was from the gradu my little mits left behind clogging the tiny gaps between the wasd keys so look to see the space between the keys is decent  like my new steelseries . if you get the razer the black widow ultimate has blue backlight leds and black widow ultimate 2013 has green backlight leds

my budget is €200


€200? That gives you a lot of room to work with!

Do you need all of those macro keys, and the numpad?

i use the number pad and some times macros keys not alot tho. there both backlit which wud help alot. i use my computer alot at night