Need a new Heatsink

Ok, so I have a AMD 965 BE and the stock cooler is loud as hell. Can anyone recommend a very quiet heatsink for under $50? I have a asrock 970 extreme3 motherboard if that matters. I have a mid tower case so not anything to big and no water cooling please.

Coolermaster hyper 212 is the best under 50 dollar heatsink unless you find a noctua nh-d14 on sale but keep in mind its massive and the coolermaster is borderline but alot easier to work with.

Check out Logans review on the Xigmatek dark knight he says its not so loud and its about 50 dollars so thats a option too,but if you dont have the money the CM hyper 212 evo is good too but its big from and more loud than the dark knight

heres Logans review:

the comparison to the 2 heatsinks:

I wish you the best and good luck!