Need a new GPU that can run next gen games such as destiny battlefiled 4 maxed out

hi guys woundering if anyone can help me im new to the gpu side of things theres so many. i need a new gpu that can own the new ps4 and xbox gpus. and can max out next gen games such as battlefiled 4 destiny. or even just games like crysis 3 battlefiled 3. would the amd 7850 do the job.

You are trolling us, nice try ;) No a 7850 will not be fit to max out battlefield 4 and other future fancy graphics title. If you buy today and want to be safe at 1080p for high graphics games the next year or so, go 7970 at least. On the green side the 680 or 770 would be the minimum. 780 would be even better but that'll cost you couple hundreds more. AMD might announce the 8970 today btw so you might be interested in that. 

thanks for the responce man ill check your recomendations out. :) im not trying to troll lol im pretty new to the gpu seen so i will go and delve into benchmarks now on your recomendations. thanks again 

would the gigabyte 7950 beet the ps4s performance thanks.


Yes but that would be an apples to oranges comparison. The 7950 is also a very solid card and will probably max out bf4 when overclocked.

oh ok thanks what card could you recoment for arround £200 that could nock the ps4s 7870 out of the ball park. :)

PS4 has a 7870? I don't live in the uk so don't really know my way with pounds. Question you must ask is if noise bothers you. If so, get a dual fan setup, asus dc 2 7950 is the most silent card. Windforce is also a good option, and the sapphire ones and msi twin frozer aren't bad either. Just pick one you like or whichever is cheapest. Avoid cards with one fan as they tend to be quite noisy.

It's a stretch, but here you go: Club 3D 7870 XT. It's a handicapped 7950, really.

The cooler isn't anything to write home about though. It'll be a hot and noisy card while gaming.

thanks for all your help guys i think im gonna go for the windforce amd 7950 :)

No! Wait for either new GPU announcements and/ or when they release the game before you make a solid decision.

thanks for that man i think i will but im glad i now have an idea fo what gpus are out there but your right i will wait to see some benchmarks. :)

i would say a msi 7970 twinfrozer, or a GTX-770.