Need a new case for Upside-down Mobo

My mom has a pre-built HP POS desktop, all of the internal components work fine but the case is falling apart. Overall it wasn't that big a deal until the usb ports just decided to break off.

My issue is that the mobo is upside down (the expansion slots are above the CPU)... The only thing that comes to mind really is an old Mac Pro case (which I think would somewhat be funny if I could find one)... I'm pretty sure it'll be rather difficult to find one of those though, so any suggestions would be very helpful. I'm hoping there's something somewhere for less than $50.

Thanks in advance.

Also, yes I do know that I could just get a 3.5" card reader with a usb port and put band-aids on the rest of the case, but this seems to be the better option in the long-run.

Just get any old case. ATX with be fine. unless you are rocking old school intel 775 mobo. Chances are it is BTX and you a pretty much screwed. Yo may have to get a new motherboard come to think of it. Sometime those companies like to put the cpu in stange places on the motherboard and it makes it impossible to install it in another case due to heat sink interference. Take a picture of the inside or provie the actual model of the HP and we can give you some better help.

Just the mention of "BTX" directed my searching in the right direction... It's about the size an micro-ATX case, but I'm relatively sure it's a BTX based on the image results for a BTX case (which is why I said about the Mac Pro case, because that's the only case I've seen that has the expansion bays above the I/O panel)

BTX is a pain. You may be better off just ebaying. Get a 775 mobo. They can be had very cheap. Then the world is your oyster. Pick any case you please.

just make sure your ram is supported. I know 775 was during a DDR2 to DDR3 transistion. Chances are you are rocking DDR2 memory in that system.