Need a Mouse!

It needs to be around 40 dollars no more then 45! And it needs atleast an extra 3 Buttons. Also i would prefer it to be wired. Anyone help please?

I have this mouse, the X-Luca from Team Scorpion.

It only has 2 extra buttons, but it's cheap and I've never had any problems with it.

Been using it for hardcore gaming sessions for the past year, not a single stall.

The dpi only goes to 2400 D:

Anyone else have any reccomendations and Btw THanks advanced!

thermaltake mice I love the rubber coating they put on them.  I have the theron in black

These are good

Logitech G400 fits your needs pretty much perfectly and it has one of the best sensors on the market. 

I wouldn't recommend those because of their sensors. Most people won't notice the difference but all laser mice have acceleration issues, high lift-off distance, they sometimes don't work on cloth mousepads and they start acting funny when a particle of dust lands on the lens which can be kinda annoying.