Need a motherboard for GTX 960 SLI

This is my build. Notice I am going to get the new GTX 960 SC 4GB. Anyways, I need a AM3+ but I am unknown to any motherboard that says it supports it. PcPartPicker shows motherboards that 'work' but some of them I went to did not specify. Does the 2-way SLI work anyway? or?

According to ASRock's website, that MB does support SLI.

However it doesn't list the exact model, it only lists up to about the 580? Does it have to list it?

First off, any MB that supports Nvidia's GPUs should support the newest ones on the market. Just make sure to update the BIOS. I don't think you'll have any trouble with the 960s you're wanting to buy.

Also, the Gigabyte MB looks like the better of the two. It supports 2-way SLI as well. The only other brand I've had recommended to me for AM3+ CPUs is Asus. Specifically the M5A99FX Pro R2.0.

Hm. The Asus you mentioned seems to work fine, so I will try that. Thank you. EDIT: Is my PSU good enough with 600w and this build requires 491w used? People seem to complain saying "YOU NEED HALF THE CPU AVAILABLE JUST IN CASE".

If you're not going to OC the CPU and/or GPUs, I think you'll be OK with that PSU. Otherwise, I'd grab a 750w.

I think you got the mobo sorted out, but just as a heads up I would take a real close look at the reviews for the 4Gb 960s. They are not looking so great.

Maybe some AMD 290s might be a better option?

I would go with the 290('s) if that is your budget.

Drop the CPU to an 8350, lose 16GB of RAM (You really don't need 32), and get a few 290s or a single 980. Do you have a Micro Center near you? If so, get your CPU/Mobo from there.

R9 290 has worse heat output and too much watt usage, I would need to upgrade my PSU when I already have it. and actually, this SLI is better then or at least the same as a 980. I go for 32 GB of RAM as I always do. I do not have a micro center near me.

Only in best case scenarios, this is PC gaming, most games that would need the horse power of expensive setups are ported horredously badly from consoles and won't even have the courtesy to greet the second GPU, let alone use it..

Also, 16GB is the maximum you will need for gaming and medium productivity.

Get a 980, you're PSU is perfectly capable. I have a 780Ti and an i7 4790k on a 650w.

A 980 is not in my budget.

It will be from the savings of getting rid of that extra ram kit and the 2 960s.

Buying it all together is the problem, and the RAM I need for other programs.

Beheeemoth, you do realize that SLI or Crossfire simply allows the two cards to co-render things? It does greet it.

What kind of programs are you using? Coz 16GB is still quite a bit, I do music editing (not thaaat hungry for ram but it can be sometimes) and I get away with my 16GB just fine.

It can be great for co-rendering but in games, and especially with lower end cards, the games usually don't benefit as much as they would with single card of the same price.

Read the annotation at the beginning. Also, every game works different with certain cards and settings.

Changed Motherboard to MSI 970 Gaming (Better quality, matches color of RAM)
Removed 16GB of RAM (Not needed)
Added Toshiba 2TB HDD (More room for games and stuff)
Changed Case to Fractal Design Define R4 with Window (More room for expansion, also looks better)
Changed PSU to EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650W (More efficient, fully modular)

But If you really do need the extra RAM