Need a monitor stand

Hey all,

I need a monitor stand for my 22" to be in a portrait position.

If anyone has some schematics for one so I can put it together, that would be pretty cool. If not, Ill spend ~$40 USD on it.

I prefer to have a base for it, not a clamp.

Anyone have some recommendations?

On the buying side I am looking at this. If there is something like this with a smaller base, then I would like a link.

I haven't found much on the schematics side yet, as I haven't looked very hard.

EDIT: I might be able to rig up a base that clamp-on stands can use, so any good deals on those will also be accepted.

Hi Tazuna


What model of monitor do you have? Does it have a Vesa mount on it? I'm sure you could rig something up but a professional one would be nice. I like the one in your link because it does not need to clamp to the desk and there for wont damage it.

I suppose that would help. It is an acer X223w, and has Vesa mounting holes on it. I am trying to fit it in the extra space on my computer table, as I have a desk for my peripherals and a table for my computer as well as stereo. There is enough room to fit almost any stand, so size is not an issue; however if the base of the stand was around a foot and a half in a V or a square I would not have to move anything.