Need a Mid-End 600 Dollar Budget PC Build

I have heard that building a gaming PC is cheaper than buying a gaming PC and it can also be faster. I've been looking around and I'm thinking of either getting the AMD FX-6300 cpu or the AMD FX-8350 with the AMD Radeon 7850 2gb or the MSI R9 270x 2gb as my graphics card. I hope to have at least 64 gb of ssd storage or 128 gb if I can afford it with 500 gb of hdd storage. 

I play Minecraft a lot and I want it to play with the best settings on with at least 50+ fps. My hopes are that the computer can run BF4, Bioshock Infinite, Watchdogs, GTA V, and other graphically demanding games on medium settings 1080p with about 30+ fps. 

I am new at PC builds and this will be my first. Is it possible for me to get the FX-8350 and the Radeon 7850 2gb or  the MSI R9 270x 2gb for around 600 dollars (including windows) if I order during Black Friday or Cybermonday? Suggestions for a build or any kind of advice would be very helpful. :) 

those are some high demands for $600. I would reconsider the 1080p settings. With $600, you are looking at maxing out 1280 x 720. That is much more reasonable. and why do you need 80+ FPS for minecraft?? that seems excessive, especially since you can't notice differences above 30 FPS. It seems like you already have the parts picked out, so just go browse on newegg for prices, and look up reviews, lots and lots of reviews. I suggest at least a 7870 for maxing out 1080p on games like gta and bioshock.

Thanks, I know that these are some pretty high demands. Since I'm new to this I don't know much about sales. How much could I save by shopping on cybermonday or black friday? Could I pull off a 750$ rig including a monitor, windows, mouse, keyboard, and headset that would play graphically demanding games at 1080x720 on medium settings with 30 fps?