Need a little help with Xamarin forms for android

Hello everyone, I'm a software development student currently trying to develop an app within Xamarin forms in Visual Studio. The idea of the app is for a user to be able to login and have their GPS details sent to a database. Another user then can open the app and see where that user is plotted on Google maps.
I have the basics of getting GPS coordinates done through the Geolocator plugin from the nuget manager.
I'm looking for a way now for the 1st user to be able to log in (I'll probably be using a webview for this as I'm under a bit of time pressure so the quickest solution is the one I'll have to go for) and once they have entered the right username and password to have their gps to be sent to a database.
Any pointers or help would be much appreciated as I'm brand new to programming and especially to Xamarin.

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