Need a list of BackUp Image Extraction programs for drives

I had made an image of a drive using the Macrium Reflect software. I had noticed within the software that there is no option to extract the image afterward (there is a restore function but it's temperamental in not recognizing the image).

I do know of CloneZilla, but to my knowledge it does not work with images of drives (just clones). Is there is an open source or windows based software alternative to extract this image of this drive?

As we all know, creating an image has it's benefits of compression and mobility so I really wouldn't mind finding another free alternative to imaging that is better than Macrium, or that can handle the images Macrium Reflect makes.

EaseUS Todo Backup free

Well that software handles .pbd images. Macrium handles .mrimg images. Its a good alternative for future backups, but it isn't a solution for this proprietary issue that I am trying to solve. Thanks though.

I think I should just write a program up that handles all these image extensions from these damn companies and give it away for free.