Need a linux frendly laptop for coding and a little bit of artwork. help!

So, up until recently I have been using a windows surface pro 1 with ubuntu 15.10, however the battery is starting to die and the wifi has never worked. so, seeing as I need a laptop for school and some mild artwork (using gimp). I was hoping that there was anyone here who knew of a laptop that had a built in digitizer, and that had a working wifi adapter under linux. so far I found 2 laptop that slightly fit the bill, but the wifi under linux didn't work. (surface pro 3 / asus t100).

Would you be willing to use a wacom tablet or something of the equivalent versus a touch screen? For the price point you're looking at for those 2 you could probably buy something with better hardware and a wacom tablet.

Old thinkpads work well.

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@EarthMadeOfGlass I have a Wacom bamboo, but I do a lot of my drawing on a train or bus, where setting up a tablet and laptop wouldn't be an option. that's why I need some form of 2 in 1.

This might be a little unconventional but you could also find a USB wifi adapter to plug in that works well with Linux. I've never had a network problem with Linux ever so I couldn't suggest a specific model.

@EarthMadeOfGlass the wifi adapter that I have works, but its taking up the only wifi port, and the main issue is that the battery in my surface pro is dying. it wont hold a charge for more then an hour. that's the main reason that I want a new laptop.

There's always system76 and another company (I forgot the name but lan recently talked about them) which make Ubuntu laptops but not 2in1s I think

I've heard bad things about system76. Cool concept of a company, but I think there's some major issues with their support and business model. I'd avoid them if at all possible.

EDIT: Since posting, I've had significantly different results with this post, so I decided it would be in the forum's best interest for me to update this post. I definitely support System76 now.

Whats your budget?
And as for suggestions... there are ThinkPad 2 in 1's - take a look at these

@HimTortons yeah I have looked at system76, but like you said no 2 in 1's. and @Azeral, I cant spend more then 750 on this, as that is the whole of my tax return.

theres also a bunch more on their site too

@Azeral this looks nice, the new one on dells site even comes with a stylus.

and this is small enough that I can still use it on a train packed with strange smelly people from new jerksey!

i believe there was one with a 500gb hard drive instead of the 128gb ssd

@Azeral truthfully I have been working off of a 64gb surface pro 1. 128 is more than enough. plus I don't trust mechanical hd's, they tend to get twitchy when you take them on trains and bus's that jar them around.

@fizzyquizzler the only thing is I have no idea how it will handle Linux as i haven't used it or read any reviews

well after spending some time researching this dell, I can say that we have a winner! it will just need a little tweaking according to this due to the touch pad. other then that it should be good. thank you everyone for helping out! and if anyone has a better suggestion just let me know here, it will be about a month before the IRS gives me my money.

thinkpad thinkpad thinkpad thinkpad. you can pick up a t-410 for $80 on ebay without a harddrive. i5 power horse, some actually come with a dock.

I hear the lenovo X1 carbon makes a badass Suse machine.

The only laptop I can really recommend that will have good support all around would be an asus G50V or G70/75V. Solid all around and handles basically whatever you throw at it.

For the most part, you just have to check if the hardware is made by intel (e.g. wifi) and you'll more or less be fine.

Personally, I have a Dell M3800 Developer Edition which does the job fine.

I havent heard any of that negative stuff about system76. in fact, all I hear is good stuff (based on recent models). I always recommend system76. After all, System76 are Clevo custom rebrands.