Need a headset for gaming (I know nothing about audio)

Hi, as the titled says I need a headset with a built in mic that will be good for music, and more importantly gaming. I use teamspeak to talk to friends and play games varying from Dayz to Cubemen 2. The problem is I know nothing about audio and when I search for this info on google it's just people aurging that the other is wrong.

I was considering the Logitech g430, but then i was told they weren't very good and the 7.1 surround it has makes them worse? 

My budget is £70 which is about $100, can you suggest a headset for me? or if the g430 will be fine... also comfort is important as you know if you play Dayz you could be playing for a few hours!


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The only "gaming headset" I've used that has had tolerable audio for music is the Turtle beach ear force x12, though it has somewhat poor build quality. If you really need the surround sound, you could get an ear force x42.

Nevery buy headsets. Get a pair of open headphones and either attach a mic to them or use a tabletop mic. 

There is a ready solution

or make it yourself

By the way, I recommend getting those while they are still on sale.

They are a little bass heavy (I personally didn't like them because of it) but overall they sound good, they are light and easy to wear for many hours straight. 

I got SteelSeries 5H v2 and I must say that I have been VERY pleased with this headset. The headset is very comfortable and the audio quality is good in my opinion. The only downside is that the microphone quality is not the best, but it hasn´t bothered my friends while speaking with them on skype/ts. So if you want the most comfortable headset, the Steelseries is a good choice :)