Need a Graphics Card

Okay, now I feel like I am spamming but I now need a graphics card. I was going to get but it's now £20 more... so I need a new one :/ I would like a 7870 for cheap as that was and good. Thanks guys, sorry for spam :/

They are currently showing your card having free delivery, and on sale for 190.00 Pounds. Is this still 20 pounds more than you expected?

yes :/ But I also need to know if I should buy it now before it goes to full price again

  I live in Canada myself so I don’t know the kind of pricing you are dealing with in Britain. I have an excellent family owned computer shop here as well as What is the system you are putting this card into? It looks like a good mid-ranged card. I just installed this puppy in my i5 2500K build. - my specs for the comp. Do Newegg post to the UK, do you know?

I would say that is a nice card for the system you have there. I am pretty sure Newegg is North American only. Sorry to pass that news on. Are there any other computer parts retailers you can look at where you live? I would try a Google search for such in your part of the world and see if this is actually a good deal. From what I see here on the (American) site it is. Here is the page of HD 7870 listed from best reviews on down.