Need a GPU!

Hey guys this is my build so far As you can see I am lacking a GPU. Here are my ideas concerning GPUS:

- MSI GTX 680 Twin Frozor (SLI IN THE FUTURE)


Some may be asking, why the 2011 CPU? I want to run two cards in the future, therefore with a 3820 I can run two cards both running at x16. If I were to choose a 1155 CPU, I would have to run one card x16 and the other x8, thus hindering my performance. 

Thanks everyone!

If you got an 1155 CPU, you would have to run in x8 x8, not x16 x8. The 1155 CPUs only have 16 PCIe lanes, not 24. That being said, Ivy Bridge is the only series that supports PCIe 3.0. However, the performance difference from x8 x8 3.0, and x16 x16 2.0 will be miniscule, if noticable at all. I would go with a super-powerful 2011 chip (at least 3930k), or a 3770k. The 3820 does not have hyper-threading, and is weaker than the 3770k.


I would get 3GB 7970s instead; a good 15% better than the 680 when overclocked. Unless you are doing heavy, heavy Adobe stuff, CUDA won't help. Also, Premier (the only non-CL supporting Adobe software) is now going to be using CL in CS6.1, or whatever the newest update is. Get a 7970 and be happy.

Thanks for the input, I didn't realise that running x8 x8 is an extremely small difference from running x16 x16. Can you take a look at this, especially the MoBo, GPU and CPU and tell me how it is? THANK YOU!

Change the case to something better. Here is a list of parts that I recommend. The Corsir 300r is pretty decent at cooling. However, you're going to have a big 7970 in there. You might want a better case such as the Phantom 410. Change it if you don't like it. I changed the motherboard to something much better. Have a nice day.