Need A Good Pair Of Ear Buds

Hey guys I am really in need of some good in ear headphones, I have been using the apple pair I bought 2 of them and they broke within 2 months, they sounded great until they broke really fast. My music taste is rap/electro/house/dubstep so naturally when I am not creating or editing music I prefer a sound colored with more bass simply because I like it, I have ATHm50s for monitoring, but when I listen for enjoyment I prefer a bit more bass, and even more important than the sound quality is the comfort the apple ones were also extremely comfortable and never fell out of my ear. so the question lies for under 70 bucks what are the best in ear headphones?

Looking at these recently:

After lots of trouble, I finally started buying these: I have had really good luck with Sony earbuds over the years, and these ones lasted over a year sleeping with them in almost every night. The sound quality is excellent for an earbud, and you can't beat the price. I actually just bought 3 more pairs. The only issue I have had with them is the cord pulls out of the earbud and creates an internal loss of contact with the speaker. I am going to try and modify them with a peace of heat-shrink wrap and see if that helps support where the cord contacts the earbud. Also, I bought the Bose earbuds, the 80 dollar ones, and they were garbage. I had them warrantied twice before I gave up on them. I wouldn't recommend them. Hope that helps.

Thanks, I should add I need something with volume control and skip track with a mic, on top of that please nothing that falls out of your ear from the slightest wiggle, and thank you for the recommendation but I kinda want to spend a bit more money so I could get some really good sound quality something like 50 or 70 bucks


The klipsch ear buds sound that and aren't terribly expensive. They have a model with a mic too.

Thats what I recomended

sound good I mean Can't type today

You might want to check out the Sennheiser CX 300ii earbuds. I have a pair of these and they usually last for at least three months. In my opinion they sound great and if you buy them from Amazon, they come with a two year warranty that Sennheiser does honor.

I too have those earphones, and they do sound excellent. Great value, the only thing is that the cable is a bit flimsy so if you're really rough with them they will break. Other than that, though, there's not much bad to say about them.

I personally like these earphones

I use the newer and more expensive model of these but they sound virtually the same to me in the end.  Sadly the CKS55 is discontinued, but Audio Technica does have their CKS55x, but it's harder to find in the states right now.