Need a good mini-itx gaming build

I would love to have a small gaming pc that can run games like gta iv, call of duty and far cry 3 at 1920 by 1080 at around high settings at 50-60fps. I already have a copy of windows 7 and an optical drive. Budget is around $700-$800.

+1 Looks solid. Might want to try to get the price down a little though. The problem is that you are stuck with an i5 with haswell. So, I am guessing either a cheaper psu or gpu to get in OP's budget. Then again, he might be willing to do mail-in-rebates (I usually try not to use them at all if any because of the hassle).


Either way, this is a very good build.

Could you try to include an ssd in the budget I dont mind if you have to get a cheaper cpu of gpu.


It would be a better idea to get an i5 and a 7950 now and get an ssd when you can or wait for the rram technology to become available. An ssd wouldn't help anything but load times.