Need a good MATX AM3+ motherboard

I already have this MATX case and the CPU I want is AM3+(fx 6300), and i need a good motherboard. It needs to support 1866mhz memory(8gb,2x4 sticks). Thanks in advance.


There aren't lol ... i would like also to make a compact build with AMD but, no bueno my friend ... you have to go with Intel for a good MATX board

CrisrianoPT is right, of them support 1866mhz ram with out a overclock. intel is the way to go

If you can find an MSI 890GXM-G65 that is literally the best mATX mobo ever made for AM3(+).  I can personally confirm it works with Vishera despite them not being on the support list.  I have had 4 of these (still have 2) and ran one with an FX-8350.


Unfortunately the board is not made anymore, so if you can find it there is likely to be a crazy mark up.  I could rant all day about the bias from mobo manufacturers towards Intel, but thats for another time.

AMD doesn't have any quality Matx AM3+ boards...

There are a few M-atx am3+ boards like the Asus M5A78L-M/usb3. but the quality is not that great.