Need A Good Distro For A 14 Year Old Laptop (Made In 2001)

Alright guys, so I need help deciding on an OS for this old thing (which I happen to be typing this post with). I currently have Elementary OS on it, and it seems to be running alright, though it seems that some of the features get to be too much for this old guy. I previously had x86 Mint on it, I think it was like 13.2 or something, but it ran somewhat okay, and I really didn't use it for anything but casual browsing when I'm away from my desktop, and I also used it for Plex. As far as the specs go for this, it's a Dell XPS M1210 from 2001, so it has 1 Gig of RAM, and it runs at like 600 some Hz, and the processor is a duel core Intel chip (not too sure what the part is). Other than what I've listed I'm sure that you guys can find the other specs that you need to know about.

LXLE could be a good choice, very lightweight due its LXDE desktop.
Its based on Debian / Ubuntu lts.

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That's definitely something I'm going to look into, thank you!

Alright, so I installed LXLE, and holy crap the performance is great. This runs so wonderful now. Thank you for the reccomendation.

Anything with XFCE. XFWM only needs 16 MB ram last I checked.

I use Xubuntu on an Ibm 600X and keep it updated, if that tells you very much.

well a big plus of LXLE is that it comes pretty loaded with pre installed applications, and its still being lightweight.

Yeah, I see that it comes with all sorts of lovely stuff installed! It's also very customizable right out of the box.

It's a slightly different style to most of the other lightweight distros, so perhaps worth a mention. If you know Crunchbang, its just a continuation of that.

You could try Damn Small Linux. Small, lightweight, and runs pretty damn well. Heck, if you want, Arch takes work to get it right but it's worth it in the end. At least for me.