Need a gaming motherboard

uuummm i dont really know much about motherboards and i dont really have a price range either so i am looking for a nice one with hd audio. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks. i would preferably want one with blue and black on it to match my build. but the colors are not necessary. im using an fx 8350

Look at the asus ROG boards and the gigabyte sniper series also the MSI gaming series of motherboards.  It depends what CPU you are planning on using

I would get something like this...

Then I would get a dedicated sound card.  Perhaps something like this?...

If you truly have no budget, then you may want to consider getting a higher quality sound card.  Here's a solid one...

the asus corosshair-z has discrete sound onboard the mobo.

That it does, a soundblaster if I'm not mistaken and the new soundblasters are pretty damn sweet imho

  1. Asus Crosshair V formula Z  with supreme FX sound chip
  2. Asrock 990FX EXtreme 9
  3. Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
  4. Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0

i would recommend the Asus Crosshair with the Supreme FX soundchip.