Need a fan recommendation

I'm about to get a CM Storm Trigger and Razer Naga Hex Wraith Red, both of which are schemed with red color LEDs, in case you didn't know.  I have an Antec 900 case, which I love, however there are three 120mm fans in it that have blue LEDs in them.  Just for the sake of everything matching, I'd like to swap them out for something red.  All I really want is something that is dead quiet without having to use a fan controller and puts off a lot of red LED light without the hassel of using LED strips.  If they aren't dead quiet at full blast then I'd require them to have their own individual speed switches and be dead quiet on low.  Also, there is a 200mm exhaust fan at the top that I wouldn't mind replacing if it was silent and the red LED shined down into the case instead of up out the top.

NOTE:  Air movement is irrelevent to me.  My heatsink is half as big as my case, and my graphics card isn't overclocked.  Its a pretty rough day when any of my components get over 40 degrees Celcius haha.

I put 2 of these in my brothers PC, I myself do not notice them but sound level is subjective I would say buy one and see how you like it, if you do then order more

Thanks, I'll have to try them out.