Need a Fan Controller

Im looking for a fan controller that will power my 4-5 fans in my antec 900 and if possible my cathodes (if not possible no big deal, would be nice though) I am looking to spend about $30-$40 on it, and preferably with blue lights to go with my scheme, Ive been looking at this one but no one but no one has them in stock.

Can you guys suggest a good controller for me?


Here's my noob ass review for my fan controller.. I LOVE this thing.

Does cathodes too.

Yep.. Rhoebus.. its pretty good and "well known".. I hatre the bright light tho

4 channel...

need to power 4-5 fans ive already looked at it, I would probably of bought it if it didnt have freaking Red LEDS in it when the fans are on low...

Maybe this?

I guess the rheobus is a good choice i dont like the bright LEDs tho.

is that $30-$40 CND or USD?

lemme go find some for you

Xoxide is American. I just happen to buy off them from time to time

My config:

Channel 1: Front 3 Antec 1200 Fans

Channel 2: Back 2 Antec 1200 Fans

Channel 3: CPU Fan

Channel 4: Ram coolers

And anything lower than the blue which is like 60-70% barely pushes anything at all so it's obsolete to even bother putting them that low meaning it will be on blue the whole time..

I think mine looks beast..




Those Kaze masters are so clean.

I want one.

Xezmer wrote 1 minute ago ยป

Those Kaze masters are so clean.

I want one.

i have the

Lamptron FAN-ATIC 5-Port Military 3-Way Switch baybus they look good on my cosmos s

I wanted one of those.. but I figured it was more efficient to make only what I needed..

Also why is it called the 3WAY switch baybus?

Edit: Got a picture


hmmmm, what Xezmer said about the Rheobus not pushing much air when red sounds good and its only like 14 bucks to. Im going to keep looking though thats at the top of my list now.

and yes I am in canada, Ill either buy from Direct Canada or NCIX

ROFL at Xezmer's bright pic. GEE GEE.