Need a Decent but not expensive Laptop

I was wandering if any of you guys know a decent laptop that can run minecraft at at least 40+ fps on far render distance. Trying not to spend more then £600. Thanks for your help in advance.

Thanks for looking for me!

Just curious, why do you say to stay away from HP?

Stay away from HP because they often have overheating problems. 

Ok, I remember hearing something about this.  I must have a model without overheating issues (or maybe its the new fan and the Arctic Silver V I put on mine ;) ).

He says it because if you game on them, you will need a skin graft on your legs and crotch afterwards.

or maybe you got a "safe for customer observation" model that accidentally got boxed up.

I fix more HP laptops than any other brand... and not due to the popularity of the product but due to it's poor quality. There is a particular model that has a WD Blue drive that I've replaced 3 HDDs on. Another (recent) model I've had to replace two motherboards on. It's just a poorly made product all around.

I was accidentally sold an hp display model. They thought my calls about warranty support were jokes after they got the serial number. Plastic was higher quality, thermal cooling improved, some of the capacitors were even nichicons. when I discovered this I was drooling.

I should never have gotten rid of it.

I thought you guys were just joking about this.  Never thought it was actually a real issue/scenario.

Are there any brands in particular that anyone can recommend when it comes to laptops?

lenovo, msi, asus

I personally have had great luck with HP, however a lot of their models are designed to overheat and fail after a couple years as a couple people here mentioned. I believe the older DV6 series had more failures then any laptop in existence lol.

A lot of their newer low-mid range laptops are good with improved cooling. The new cool-sens technology is neat as well. I personally use an HP 17-e017dx and I haven't had any complaints with it other then it has Windows 8 >.> Still it sports a peppy quad core CPU and has a decent integrated graphics. I can play Skyrim on Medium for hours and not suffer 3rd degree burns on my legs. I picked mine up for $400 USD in January from Best Buy.

HP will give you a good Price per performance ratio compared to most others I've seen out there but If you do get one I would do some homework on the model your getting. As mentioned some don't last very long and others are well under powered.

If you do get an HP laptop I recommend a new hard drive from the get go. I put a WD Black in mine for reliability and performance and had great luck with it. Its easy to do if you make a Factory restore media set and it will not affect your warranty at all from what HP has told me.

Re-pasting the APU will almost always prevent the HP overheating issues that are very common but that usually requires some dexterity and comfort with disassembling your laptop. It will most certainly violate your warranty as well. However I've used AS5 on mine and copper shims on my older models and they are fantastic machines. I have an old G60 that is still ticking along like the day it was new.

Dispite all the static HP has generated for its laptops in the past I still recommend them. They are cheap, work well, and usually last you long enough to get the job done before they are ready to be replaced with something newer.

I have a 17inch HP AMD A6 based laptop, and I will say it does get kinda warm, but not bad. The trick is to blow out the vents with a can of air about every 3-4 months. "They are designed to overheat and die after 18 months" is not true. I have had no issues out of my Pavilion, except for one cooling hiccup that was fixed with a $5 can of compressed air. The laptop would get VERY hot and the fan would be on high ALL THE TIME, and I thought I had a bad designed laptop. I decided to try a can of compressed air, and I didnt even think it would work. Not very much dust seemed to come out, but I turned it back on after that and I swear it's been a new PC since. The fans run at HALF the speed, the AMD Turbo Core will throttle the thing up to 2.5ghz (normally its only 1.5) and it has NEVER overheated since then.

I will say that gaming on a laptop with it on your lap is just a bad idea...almost any laptop will get reasonably hot during games, especially on the bottom, but if you want a gaming machine that is super portable, you'll need to spend more.

The laptop that I personally recommend is the Lenovo G505s. I can vouch for this thing, my friend has it and it is FABULOUS. It NEVER gets too hot, its only an inch thick, and it is great for most games (you wont be maxing out new titles, but you'll run most things fine on 720p at medium/high) It is a lot of bang for not a lot of buck. Check it out on Amazon, and if you buy it maybe look into grabbing a 2nd 4GB stick of DDR3 to put in (it comes with a 2GB stick and a 4GB stick, but can be upgraded to a max of 2 4GB sticks) and otherwise its great. You will also want to look into purchasing a cheap usb sound card, as the Lenovo stock sound card is the kind with only one plug and it is a pain to deal with. If you just want to listen to headphones its fine, but if you need headphones AND mic you'll be ready to flip a table.

That may sound like a lot of flaws but compared to a lot of other laptops, you CANNOT beat this machine for the price. In my opinion, it is the perfect balance of slim and portable, and good for gaming. It is only an inch thick and has only a 15inch screen so not excessively big, but at the same time you can use the built in screen and be able to play games just fine because after all, it is 15 inches.

Here is the link to this fabulous thing on Amazon, hope you like it!