Need a copy of KOTOR Remastered

Are there any copies of the kotor remastered floating around the interwebb?

The site that originally hosted the download has gone down. I want to get my feet wet with some modding, and I figured this would be a good game to get started on. I would just buy (and will probably) a copy on steam, but alas! I have no cash atm.

It was a free copy, so don't give me the pirate lecture. Thanks.
looks about 9 buck

Hes talking about the mods that remastered the game,

OP, Ill have a look through my bookmarks, Try and find something I may or may not have. Otherwise ask around the kotor community, Im sure if you note the missing files, someone with the files will setup a mirror or provide those files to someone who wishes to setup a mirror.

The fact that the site is gone is worrisome for me because I never downloaded the remastered files.

Looks like people are trying to find the files but they only recently went down.
On a side note, Looks like there may be a HD Remake in the works

Also keep an eye on this

unless I read this wrong, you just want to get into game modding? If so, it is most certainly worth the little extra money (You can get it super cheap nowadays anyway) to grab Skyrim. How good is the modding? Holy Crap is my answer. It is most certainly worth the money. You can completely change the game in every single way. I have so many graphics mods for my Skyrim that changing the graphics settings does nothing to the game. Or you can be that guy who has Thomas the tank engine flying over windhelm with spider man attacking microwaves. We don't judge round here.