Need a cheap sound card, only requirement is low delay

I need a sound card for some basic music production. Doesn't need -anything- fancy. No midi inputs, no fancy guitar or mic inputs. ALL I need it to do that the integrated sound card on my mobo won't do is that I need much lower delay.

I need it to be cheap (there are plenty of expensive cards that do this, but I don't have much money and they all do a tonne more than I need them to do). The highest I can realistically go is £40 (dunno what that is in dollarydoos).

I need it to be usb, as I'd like to take it between my desktop and laptop. Both have decent enough RAM and CPU to do what I need.

Thanks in advance.

What exactly is this for? I had latency with FL studio but was able to make use of ASIO4ALL, lowering latency enough to let me "Play" my keyboard.

It's essentially a software implementation of the ASIO interface standard that "bypasses" a bunch of windows audio stuff (audio effects, volume mixing etc).

You could also of course get an actual hardware interface that does the same thing. but i've found myself happy with ASIO4ALL.

Interestingly, I discovered ASIO4ALL just after I posted this. It does greatly reduce the latency. If I had money and such, I would go for a hardware option, but this has solved the issue.

If anyone is reading this in the future and looking for a solution, ASIO4ALL is the solution :P