Need a cheap gaming PC

I am looking to build my own PC, and it needs to be fairly cheap. I wish to be able to play Skyrim on high or ultra settings, or play Skyrim at all at 60 FPS, to be honest. I have a 400-800$ range. I do not overclock.


What set of hardware can I buy that will be able to do this while remaining fairly cheap? Thanks for anyone who replies.

What is your budget?


You should be able to do something like a fx 8320+7870 on a 970 chipset that price range. I am not sure if you can do something worth while intel wise.

Is there any pre-built computer that can do the same? If yes, then I'd rather do that.


Also, what is a chipset? New to this.

If you still want to build it, here's a very good build.

I mean this

Why would this be a good build? What would the specs be on it with all of those items (RAM, GPU, Memory, etc) 

if ur budget is $800, this is what i was able to throw together

too me it seems pretty sick for 800 bucks.


please don´t put a AMD 8 core 125Wtdp cpu, FX8350/8320 on a cheap 970 mobo, cheaping out on a motherboard with these very power hungry cpu´s is realy a bad idea!!

i made this:

FX8350 with Asus M5A99X evo R2.0 mobo, this board has a 6+2 powerphase and high quality digi vrm´s. This board is almost identical to the Asus M5A99Fx pro R2.0, the only big diffrence is, that it hass less pci-e lanes, so its not realy ideal for multiple GPU setups but you can still do a sli/cf at 8X if you like on it, but its allways better then a 970 board, in everyway!.

i also choosed for a Msi GTX-760 TF gpu, this is a great performing video card. This will be a realy nice gaming setup. with decent parts. i did not choose for a aftermarket cpu cooler now, because, you can allways buy one later on, and save some money now to put in decent parts.

grtz Angel ☺

The Asrock 990FX extreme 3 sucks, only 4+1 powerphase and cheap analog vrm´s ☺

or this if you wanna use the stock cooler (i realise he/she is not overclocking) Misteryangel's build is also great. i guess it comes down to preference of company.


your build is also good, dont get me wrong ☺ i could only recommend to change the motherboard.and that gpu in particular,cause the single fan XFX ghost editions, can have some overheating issues. some people complaining about it on this particular card.

but its funny, on your list the FX8350 is cheaper then on mine, ☺

What specs would this put out? (GPU, Memory, etc)

An FX-6300 will do the job, put your money on the graphics card.

I agree with MisteryAngel about the motherboard, ASRock is just not an ideal brand. It looks nice and it comes with a lot of features, but it doesn't have a very good powerphase for how much power your CPU will eat and the componants on it are not the best. Though get me wrong it is a very good budget board, but in the long run it's not worth it and I can tell you this from experience with my board. I also agree with LPG for just going with the FX 6300 or a FX 8320 that you can just overclock to be the same as a 8350 and with the money you save you could get a third party cooler so you can either over clock or just keep your computer running cooler and longer. Either that or get RAM at 1600MHZ but as of right now, the price between 1600 and 1866 isn't that big and may not be worth downgrading. Also the case is entirely a choice of preference, because you are the one who has to look at it all day, but just make sure you get good airflow. For the GPU I would go with the 760, due to it being cheaper/newer and about the same in performance with the 7950(depending on what and how much you use Open CL or CUDA in gameing and application may determine your answer though). Of course these are just my opinions. Here is the build with a 8320 and if you want to go with the 6300 it would be $50 cheaper:

Well with this setup, you should be able to play most games on high. without much issues.

Honestly I highly recommend overclocking your graphics card. All you do it slide a few bars and BAM, a majoe performance increase. If you do not want to do this, go ahead and go with MisteryAngel's build. When you overclock the 7950 it reaches performences of a 7970 and it even performs better than the GTX 770 in some occasions. The case is personnal preference, nice cable mannagment, not really mean't for showing off, just keeping it behind your desk. 

I would go with this: