Need a case with glass side panel

I've been out of the PC building game for far too long.

I remember seeing a few cases on the Tek or maybe another similar show that had a glass side panel and a very sleek design, but i cannot find it anywhere.

While on the topic of cases, what are some of the best mid to full ATX tower cases that produce minimal noise?

Im currently sitting on a DF-85, and this thing is the equivalent of a jet engine.

In win S-Frame or In win 904

Fractal Design Define R5 and R4, and Cooler Master Silencio 652S are the best mainstream mid tower silent cases IMO.

There's the Define XL R2 for full tower.

Why don't you have a go at modding the side panel yourself?

Any case can be quite with the right fans though correct?

Would love to, but i don't have the tools nor the know-how to do it properly.

Do what Paul did, but better haha. Rent a Dremel and a drill.

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I've been wanting to replace the ugly acrylic window on my air 540 with real glass for a while now. It's scratched up and kind of tinted.

I could actually do that on my case as well. Question is how do you mount the glass safely

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silicone, epoxy, gorilla glue, rear view glue

I'd use JB weld, more secure than glue, and if you did it right you could form it to create a decent looking trim.

+1 I used JB weld for this (please dont necro)

JB weld is amaazing. I used some to patch the holes in a metal chimney in our shed for the wood stove.

Just a little update. Paul finished his mod.

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damn, i bet he spent more time on the video than the mod

It ended up looking pretty nice though. He didnt show any really good closeups though :D

Ive seen some people listing InWin cases, but I'd personally pass on them. Yes, some of them look great, but the neat designs can really hamper usability and buildability. Most of them are way overpriced since they lack many basic features that have become standard from other manufacturers.

There is alsonthe NZXT H440. A clean sleek case with a window.

O , that one seems really nice.

Not sure how long back you were aiming for but Wendell did review one of these, it is why I bought mine. Might have been where you saw it.