Need a Case that

has about 80mm between the top of the motherboard and the top of the case. I currently have a Swiftech Edge HD220 X20 kit and am using it in a CM Storm Trooper in a pull only config. I would like to do push/pull or just pull but do to the integrated res/pump I'll have to cut the case. If I can find a simple case that would allow me to do this without modding I was thinking now would be a decent enough time to upgrade, unfortunately not many cases (under spending $350) or looking meh have that kind of clearance. Looking for some suggestions if anyone knows of one. I was eyeballing the 750D, love the look and the price, but it falls short. By 8mm :/

Thanks in Advanced Guys. Figure this is a lost cause but its worth the look.


maybe these

sorry if this doesn't help..

how about one of these

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'm thinking I am going to go with the Corsair Carbide 540