Need a 600-650 PSU £65-70 :)

HI guys after spending hours looking for the right PSU im really confused i looked at cosair and all the reviews for allot of different moddels say stay away. i cant afford xfx ive looked at coolermaster they seam alright can i please have some advice. Thanks :)

check out the rosewill capsone and hive also anything seasonic is great

thanks man will do

im having a packige done for my pc and these are the only psu manafactures i can choose from. unless theres really not any good manafacture in there selection and then ill pay more and buy some where else. "

get a be quiet they make quality products

thanks for your help ill take a look at some reviews :)

They are all bad but, corsair is probably the best of them.

ok then thanks but what would you recomend because most cosairs ive checked out have got really bad reviews. :(

how about this guys any good.

What about this one?

Lepa is a very good brand. they make great psu´s 45A single 12V rail, for a great price, in my opinnion.

Grtz Angel ☺

thanks ill take a look :)