Need a 585$ budget gaming build

i dont have any parts what so ever i need every thing from the moniter to the ram someone please leave ideas for a budget build for me 

these threads just keep coming, I bet you guys are sick of my name appearing on the Feed lol

one budget build coming up!  Will you need and OS included?

heres one without OS/speakers/keyboard/mouse, let me know if you need any of those and I'll change it






Monitor price changes the 19th

case comes with Flashdrive, just put windows on it and load it up, if you need instructions I can give them

i dont know how put w7 on a thumbdrive


well first download this, its microsofts own tool for putting windows 7 on a flashdrive

install it, run it its pretty straight forward being from microsoft and all, you'll need an ISO of windows 7

in the motherboard bios set it to boot from USB HDD or USB, it might be under the HDD group, it might be in the USB group, not that hard to figure out really

more info