Need a 360 capture device

I feel so shameful posting in here...

But at any rate, I need a good capture device to record game play footage from my 360. I'm currently using an HDMI to DVI cable from my 360 to a 24" monitor, and I'm sending optical audio to my surround receiver--which is the problem. Anything I can find only has composite video or S-video in, and usually no optical in or out.

Any recommendations on a good device that will--preferably--let me keep my video and audio set up?

I'll do some research later today and see if I can be of more assistance. As of now, I know nothing, sorry.

If you want the absolute top of the line HD shit, get a black cat.

for like 640x480 in high quality get one of these , they're much cheaper but black cats are the best.

use a dazzle



Acknowledge more than "Google" please, we're like not getting your logic. BTW this is going too far, I'm stopping this crap :|

Using a dazzle doesn't work in my situation. I play my 360 on a computer monitor with only VGA and DVI inputs. While I could just connect the 360 to the dazzle and then view the input on my computer, there's too much lag in the signal (at least with a dazzle). I need something that would allow me to record the signal whilst sending it to my monitor. I've been looking at the HD PVR, but once again I wouldn't be able to connect the signal to my monitor--unless there's an HD component to DVI routing method I'm unaware of.

Get a Hava, My buddy uses one.

Let me put it to you like this, USE FUCKING GOOGLE to find out DURRRRRRRRR

Im not trying to be mad or anything its just logical to do so.

Google yielded no positive results about this topic when I searched. I might pick up an HD PVR (heard a lot of good things) and see if I can find a reliable component to DVI cable/converter or a video splitter to send the signal to my monitor.

I could play on my TV, but I play competitively (tournaments) and it's just easier to scan 24" than it is to scan 42".

Prawn, do you know what model of Hava your friend uses? Last I heard they had a handful of models and some of them were crap.

Thanks for the responses, guys.