Need a 1440p Monitor with good colour

I recently built my first PC and purchased 144Hz 1080p monitor with it for playing games, however the colour on it is not very good and I also do a lot of video editing and am looking for a 60Hz monitor that is 1440p and has very good colour accuracy. My GPU is a GTX 780 and I am not sure what is the highest colour bit accuracy that it can output I wouldn't want to get a 16 bit per channel monitor because I am sure that the GPU is simply not capable of outputting colour at that accuracy.

Does anybody have any suggestions for a suitable monitor as I am struggling to find one. (preferably something under £1,000 ~ $1,660)

The Asus PB278Qe, Aoc PLS panel, and Qnix monitor, or even crossover. 

Here is a list of some of the 1440p monitors Tek Syndicate reviewed.

I have the X-star and can highly recommend it.

Asus PB278q, thats what i have

Any 1440p IPS panel will have good colour reproduction. £1,000 is a rather large budget. I bought my ASUS PB278Q for < £450

GTX 780 is a great 1440p performance card.

Thanks guys very useful responses! :).