Need 5820k Overclocking advice for 4.0ghz

So I am using an air cooler, a expensive one. I am runnning with turbo boost making it 3.5ghz on full load. 3.3 on idle. Full load is averaging 60 to 64c. So I want to attempt overclocking to 4.0ghz. I am not trying for 4.5ghz without liquid cooling. So I am asking what my voltage should approximately be? I am thinking 1.1 to 1.2.

Voltage should always be as low as it'll go and still be stable, mostly you just up your clock speed, then up the voltage a little over stock and do some test passes with stressing software

Okay let me requestion this. Do you think a high end air cooler will get me to 4.0ghz without hitting 80 Celsius? Thanks for the video

In a snowstorm or on the surface of the sun?

Seriously though, clock speed isn't the only thing that heats up the CPU. It is mostly voltage. And how much voltage you need for 4GHz varies from chip to chip.

How hot is it at stock?

Also 80C 100% load in OCCT for example is fine. You'll average at 60c in most games if that. I have a 5930K and Im running 1.285V for 4.5Ghz with a cryorig ultimate. You will most likely need less for the same freq. Also another voltage thats crucial for me is the vccin or cpu input voltage, I need to set mine on 1.88V to get stability.


Is that under load?

If yes then you're fine, just don't overvolt too much so you don't fry your chip

Idle, and I left the voltage at auto while upping the speed to 4ghz. It in aida is reaching 1.2volts. So should I set it manually to 1.2 volts?

Updated: Is it CPU SVID Support? or CPU Input Voltage? For cpu voltage?

Auto usually dumps some extra voltage to try and keep it stable

cpu voltage is often called vcore and is the one you might wanna set to 1.2V The cpu inputvoltage is anotherone that you may wanna set manual aswell. I need to set mine close to 1.9V.